Drummers play Ghanaian drums.

MusicUnitesUS presents: A Taste of Ghana

A weeklong showcase of the music, dance and culture of Ghana

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The theory that the universe is a hologram explained in under 5 minutes

The Take

Listen to the first episode of our new podcast where scientist Matthew Headrick explains one of the most mind-blowing ideas in physics.  More »

Professor Thomas Doherty remembers comic legend Stan Lee

Stan Lee

Doherty recalls how Lee brought a moral, inclusive dimension to the 2-D world of comics that still resonates today. More »

Professors Wendy Cadge and Michael Skaggs on the changing role of chaplains in the US

The cubicle for the Boston Seafarers chaplain

In an Op-Ed for The Conversation the two Brandeis professors examine the question: Why is chaplaincy growing when institutional religious affiliation is on the decline?  More »